captured memories of a motion picture photographer, my time behind a film camera.
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August 24, 2009 by filmcan
 Yes, and in fact, many are. No modern movie camera is more precise than those classic pin-registered film movements. They really knew how to build them in 1926, and the cameras still work, millions of feet of film later.

To get a particularly difficult shot, it's not uncommon for visual effects cameramen to dust off a trusty 35mm Mitchell GC, NC, or BNC film camera. To alter time, fast or slow, just add a stop-motion or high-speed motor.

Build the camera on its rig, set the focus, ap...
August 24, 2009 by filmcan
With over forty years working in the film industry,producing, directing, shooting, lighting and editing for film and video, using a wide variety of formats and equipment. The fact that photography was an integral part of my work behind the movie camera was a bonus for me. I moved from the film industry in 1968 I was just 20 years old when portrait photography it became my abiding passion. Significantly, the advance that has made widespread viewing of my images possible has occurred close to...